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To book a hypnotherapy session, or if you have any questions, please contact me or phone: 07719 958 726 (+44 77199 58726 if calling from outside the UK)

The problem with events that affect you deeply is that your body and brain are wired to hang on to them.


Your main aim as a human being is survival, so any events that are viewed as particularly relevant to your survival are given a place of particular importance and held in your memory.


What we have to do is to neutralise them and take away their importance.

That way, your brain will accept that the events happened, but are not happening. Then it will be as if they are archived: they won’t have a central place in your memory any longer. You will still know that they happened, but will be thought of as information, without any emotion attached to them any longer.


There are many ways to do this, so what we have to do is to find which ones work for you.

Often, you will feel the stress in a particular part of your body, such as your chest or stomach. Once it has been truly cleared, you will not be able to feel that any longer. These stressful events and responses are simply more extreme versions of what I work with all the time with clients.


If you’d like to know more, or get an idea of what we can do, then please contact me to set up a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation.


Then we can discuss it further and you can make up your own mind on the benefits of coming to see me.

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