Meet Jack Raymond

Certified Hypnotherapist

Jack performed his first hypnotic induction at the age of 12, and has been practising hypnotherapy for over 20 years, having trained from 1991 at the Hypnotherapy Training College/AQCH (Association of Qualifed Curative Hypnotherapists (now Lesserian Hypnotherapy), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) at BHR (British Hypnosis Research) and also studied at the Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing.

He studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine initially at Acumedic, then at the LCTA (London College of Traditional Acupuncture) and has more recently studied with Andrew Nugent-Head at the Association of Traditional Studies. He studied homeopathy initially at Morley College, then at the LSCH (London School of Classical Homeopathy) and CHE (Centre for Homeopathic Education). Most recently, he qualified as a nutritional therapist at CNM (Centre for Naturopathic Medicine).

He has been called in as an expert commentator by BBC television, ITN and Sky News, and similarly consulted by the Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard.