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To book a hypnotherapy session, or if you have any questions, please contact me or phone: 07719 958 726 (+44 77199 58726 if calling from outside the UK)

This is one of the issues I specialise in working with.


So many jobs these days require attending meetings (both online and offline) and making presentations to colleagues and clients.

If you have difficulty with this, you probably had difficulties in school, for example with having to speak up in class, or just spent your time avoiding attention if possible. That is the commonest pattern.  It is also possible that you were absolutely fine at school, but one of those work meetings went badly for some reason, and it’s been a concern for you ever since.


For a minority clients the technical side of presentations is also very important, and that’s the kind of thing we can improve very quickly.


Developing your presentation skills at the same time as reducing anxiety is a very powerful combination. 

I have seen clients improve massively over an hour or two, and some even get to the point of enjoying making presentations.

If you’d like to know more, or get an idea of what we can do, then please contact me to set up a free 15-minute no-obligation consultation.


Then we can discuss it further and you can make up your own mind on the benefits of coming to see me.

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Speaking better and more confidently than I ever have


Firstly I would like to thank you for your help its been brilliant. I went to my meeting on Tuesday night and spoke better and more confidently than I ever have. To the point that I would stop and look around the audience, gathering my thoughts, which as you can imagine this had never happened before. I enjoyed the session and look forward to the next meeting, so I believe just that alone will make a big difference to my life.
As for my presentation, I was nowhere near as nervous as previous presentations, and felt my voice did not falter. I did unfortunately speak too quickly in the beginning which resulted in me tripping up over my words. The thing about the presentation is, i finished very strongly, and stood up there and took questions etc. Though the beginning was bad, I felt better about this presentation, considering the size of the audience and the topic than any others I had done. I even felt comfortable staying around and talking afterwards, as opposed to hiding. There is room for improvement, but the foundations are there, and this is the scary part, I want to present again. I want to go on Tuesday so I can practise, I have a desire to present….That’s absolutely mad. ANYWAY THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE need to make another appointment, because the results are magic!!!!

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