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21st September 2020

Diva Davda

6 reviews

18 minutes ago-

Jack is very kind, caring and compassionate yet very professional.
I went to see Jack as I was being mentally tortured and bullied by my family all my life which had left me feeling emotionally wrecked, low in self esteem and tired all the time.
I had just 2 sessions with Jack and within days I am feeling very confident, more energetic and less apologetic for my every action.
I had gone there feeling totally lost, Jack listened and together we prioritized my issues to resolve.
I am in awe of Jack. I highly recommend Jack for therapy as he was also very reassuring and putting me at ease with his calm nature and a smile at all times.
Well done Jack, keep up with the good work!


Martin and Simo

2 reviews


a month ago

I went to see Jack 9 months ago hesitating what can I address during the session and what can be changed? 

Jack is a very charismatic, kind and warm man and made feel at ease to discuss anything what was on my mind and what I was looking to change. 

Over the past 9 months I have managed to make changes beyond beliefs I thought that were part of my character and would haunt me forever.


I have a new way I see life, I see now that most problems have a solution within you and with  some effort in your end and trust in him, you can turn your turn your life and your attitude towards life around!


I am a very happy customer because it DOES work! Thank you -! Martin



Chris Cowan

3 reviews


4 days ago

Slightly sceptical went in with an open mind. Beyond happy with the result and going back in for another session with Jack!



Sam Noble

4 reviews


2 months ago

I Used Jack for when I was suffering from Insomnia. I was sceptical at first, but after explaining my insomnia, Jack, got to the root causes and after only two sessions Jack has made significant improvements to my sleep. I would highly recommend the services of Jack Raymond.



Sander Buiter

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9 months ago

Jack was amazing in easing some of the emotions I felt during my divorce.


I would most definitely recommend Jack.



Tarun Shahani

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a year ago

My wife visited Jack for a fear of flying. She recently got a new job which requires her to fly from the UK to Australia. Jack saw her for two hours split over two sessions. She just got back form her first trip and the improvement is really quite remarkable. She had no anticipatory fear leading up to trip and slept well the night before. Other than the boredom of a 24 hour journey she felt really no fear during the flights at all. She was able to relax, watch movies, catch many hours of sleep. This is all quite a big change from just a few months ago. She's now already booked several other business trips within Europe with absolutely no anxiety or apprehension. My sincerest thanks Jack, we're both very grateful.



Response from the owner a year ago

Thanks so much, Tarun, it's very kind of you to write that.



Emma Wadley

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a year ago

Jack has been fantastic. He’s really helped me sort through a number of issues using techniques which at first didn’t make much sense to me but have certainly helped. Feeling much more calm in my mind, happy and confident after only 4 weeks.


I would highly recommend Jack.



Louise Roberts

1 review


a year ago

Jack has helped me hugely



Nick Ellis

1 review


4 years ago

Jack Raymond is an excellent hypnotherapist. 


I went to see Jack over a few weeks as I was feeling stuck. I reeled off about 5-6 different issues causing me difficulties.


Jack calmly went to work on each one. He has worked wonders with me. I feel very different in that I have got rid of lots of emotional junk. I'm acting differently which is a very good thing. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough.



Just Kay Yoga London

3 reviews


3 years ago

My treatments with Jack has been both successful and amazing insight to the route of some issues I was frantically trying to resolve, without his help I would not have been able to overcome these problems. He dealt with them in an extremely professional manner, and offered me solutions to issues a past therapists were not able to resolve, and in a much timely manner thus being very cost effective and less emotional for me, I would recommend his services 100%.  

I found Jack when I was seeking a fast answer to a long term problem and he was able to give me the results I was desperately seeking.

Thank you so much Jack, I am very grateful .



SeemaJaya Sharma

1 review


4 years ago

Absolutely amazing and life changing. I thought there was nothing I could do to overcome my issues but since going to see Jack, everything has become better. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a hypnotherapist! 



Vadim Weinig

3 reviews


6 years ago

Jack really cares about his patients, and will go beyond what is expected. He is also much more than a hypnotist and is able to advise wisely on nutritional issues as well. …More



Lisa Marriott

3 reviews


3 years ago

Over a year, and still not smoking after only one session! I still cannot believe this, wish I had know much earlier, cannot recommend this man enough he is amazing!!! Don't hesitate just see him!



April Tessmer

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6 years ago

I would have written a 5-star review of Jack much sooner, but I had to be sure that the experience was everything that I thought it was. I requested that Jack spend two days working with me a using several modalities. The two that worked best for me were the EFT and NLP. The hypnosis yields additional benefits, but for my particular goals, the EFT and NLP were the best choices. Not many individuals have mastered EFT and NLP. Jack is a rare jewel. I successfully achieved the goals that I set with him prior to the treatment and I have to say that since the treatment with Jack, I have had a much better quality of life. I'm so happy that I found him and I am grateful to him for his outstanding service and his sincere desire to help others. Thank you, Jack!!!



Just me

11 reviews


2 years ago

jack change my life  .



Claire Lucy

3 reviews


2 years ago

Highly recommend Jack he is wonderful 

Other Reviews Since August 2016

 · August 5, 2016 · 

Client email from 2nd August 2016 in response to my standard follow-up email about the previous session. Came for 4 hours for social anxiety:
"Hello Jack,
Thanks for getting in touch. I feel a great change since our last session. I've certainly felt a more positive approach to being in social situations and less inhibited than before. I've had to meet people from my wife's family whom I've only met once or twice before and also some of my wife's friends and had very few problems. If I feel that I might freeze up or be judged at all I keep thinking to myself the words we recited during the tapping treatment.
I leave for — tomorrow full of hope and without apprehension. I'd like to thank you for all of your help with the treatment because it's definitely made a difference."
(Used with permission)  


 · August 15, 2016 · 

"Hi Jack,
I cannot begin to thank you enough for how much better I feel. The last nine months have been the saddest and darkest period in my life, when the arrival of a baby is supposed to be exciting and joyous. I was riddled with anxiety and insomnia and after just two sessions with you I feel like me again. I have started to enjoy life and appreciate my beautiful baby boy for who he really is. Post natal depression is an awful illness and if you have lived with it for months on end hoping it'll get better I would whole heartedly recommend that seeing Jack will help. I was desperate but refused to take anti depressants as I never suffered with low mood, depression or anxiety prior to having a baby. I couldn't sleep, felt hungry all of the time and ruminated on the same negative thoughts. I felt as if I was drowning. I had fourteen sessions of CBT which helped to a point but it didn't address my emotions. Those feelings of guilt, regret and loss of time. I was amazed at how quickly I felt better. Jack made me feel relaxed, listened to my fears and anxieties made me laugh as he helped me to understand that I can regain control. With only six weeks until my baby boy is a year old I can see that times ahead with be filled with love and laughter. And accept the past as the beginning of this journey, just a tiny fraction of what's ahead for my beautiful family. A million thank yous again!"
Client very kindly offered to write a testimonial despite being short of time
 · November 22, 2016 · 
"Best nights sleep ever! :)". Client email, 18th November. Used with permission.
 · December 10, 2016 · 
"I have had so many different therapies... and met variety of individuals, except for one person,
your ways and techniques are really wonderful and you have a very special understanding and amazing knowledge of humankind, I am very very impressed, inspired Jack."
Client text message 18/11/16, used with permission
 · April 24, 2017 · 
"Hi Jack, yes, I haven't bitten my nails since which is remarkable. I seem to have lost the urge although as they get longer it may become more difficult. So far so good though so thank you very much!"
(Email response to standard follow-up after a single 2-hour session last week, used with permission.)
 · May 8, 2017 · 

"Hello Jack,
Thank you for your follow up email.
I do feel remarkably different and have felt a huge shift in my sense of self and general mood.
I went back to training yesterday and enjoyed it immensely..."
(Female client coming for help with competing in martial arts, one 2-hour session. Used with permission.)
 · May 8, 2017 · 
"To be honest I feel a lot calmer and less anxious in general. I seem to be a lot more open to social situations. I'm interested to see how things develop :-)
Thanks again, it was a positive experience for me and I enjoyed it."
(Male client, public speaking and anxiety, one 2-hour session, used with permission)

 · May 8, 2017 · 
"To be honest I feel a lot calmer and less anxious in general. I seem to be a lot more open to social situations. I'm interested to see how things develop :-)
Thanks again, it was a positive experience for me and I enjoyed it."
(Male client, public speaking and anxiety, one 2-hour session, used with permission)
 · November 20, 2017 · 

"Hello Jack,
I'm sorry for the delay. I was really busy when your email came through and then it slipped my mind.
The presentation went really well! I was nervous as I was speaking, but I kept a good rhythm and didn’t feel like I was running out of breath. The thing that surprised me the most though was how calm I was in the lead up to the presentation. I was the last speaker of the day which would usually be a painful wait but I really enjoyed the day and didn’t really think about my bit until just before. I also slept really well the night before and didn’t feel sick in the morning as I usually do with these things.
I've had lots of positive feedback about my session, and am actually quite looking forward to next time.
Thank you so much! I left feeling like nothing had really changed but clearly it did!!"
(Email received just now, session was a few weeks ago. Used with permission. Female client, single 2-hour session.)
 · December 4, 2017 · 
"Both presentations went very well. I was a little hesitant to begin with, but soon found my feet (lots of hand clenching) and I did well! Thanks again for all your help.
I’ll see you in the new year to stop smoking!"
Male client, public speaking, used with permission, email received 1st December. The 'hand clenching' refers to a technique we used to increase confidence on the spot.
 · February 20, 2018 · 
"Dear Jack
I hope you’re very well.
I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my anxiety about flying. I got back from my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago and while I was away I had to get about seven flights and they were pretty much stress free and enjoyable! Whenever I got anxious during turbulence or take off I did the tapping and it really helped, so thank you thank you thank you!"
Email received out of the blue 18th February, female client 20s, used with permission.
 · April 27, 2018 · 
Thanks for your email, yes everything is great!
I don't get stressed any more!"
Client email yesterday in response to my follow-up email. Used with permission.
 · May 1, 2018 · 
"Hi jack it’s been amazing, every time I play I’ve been playing with freedom and nothing’s holding me back anymore. I got a few games left this season so now I can finish off strong and look forward to next season." Text message received today, young footballer, single two hour session, used with permission.
 · July 1, 2018 · 
"Hi Jack
Did not end up going Friday night as my husband ended up working late so we went Saturday morning and it was amazing. The kids were laughing doing selfies with me going through black wall tunnel to send to everyone and we were in there ages because of the traffic. I was calm for the whole journey it was a life changing moment. Thank you so much." Text received this morning, fear of tunnels, female clients in 50s after 2 sessions." Used with permission.
 · July 26, 2018 · 
Client said she had been feeling bubbly the day after the session a few weeks ago. I asked whether I could post that and she very
kindly offered to write something instead:
‘I have been working with Jack now for well over a year and the changes from the sessions with Jack have revolutionised my life to a powerful, happy and confident place - we’ve been working on unleashing very, very old patterns - beyond even those that I knew I was carrying - Jack allows you to feel safe and powerful, to grasp the life that you truly deserve and to expect the unexpected - I could not recommend him and his work enough!’

Steve Switzer ive also used him and it really is effective
 · July 26, 2018 · 
Client said she had been feeling bubbly the day after the session a few weeks ago. I asked whether I could post that and she very
kindly offered to write something instead:
‘I have been working with Jack now for well over a year and the changes from the sessions with Jack have revolutionised my life to a powerful, happy and confident place - we’ve been working on unleashing very, very old patterns - beyond even those that I knew I was carrying - Jack allows you to feel safe and powerful, to grasp the life that you truly deserve and to expect the unexpected - I could not recommend him and his work enough!’
 · August 1, 2018 · 
"Hi Jack. Just wanted to say that ... arrived in Melbourne on Saturday after a 24 hour journey. She had a perfectly fine flight. She didn't appear to have any anticipatory fear in the days prior and slept well the night before. This is quite a big change. Other than the exhaustion from a long flight she seemed perfectly happy. Thank you so much for your work, we really appreciate it. Have a good week ahead... "
Fear of flying, two sessions. Text message from husband writing on behalf of wife a couple of days ago, used with permission.

 · October 12, 2018 · 
"Hi Jack,
You too! So, since our last session I haven't had any relapse of symptoms - plus, my sleep is vastly improved. Overall, my anxiety is now minimal, if at all. So basically a complete 180 from a month ago!
Many thanks for you help!
Warm regards,"
Male client, 30s, suffering from unusual form of OCD for 15 years, 4 sessions. Used with permission.
 · November 24, 2018 · 
"You’re amazing Jack! I floated home on a little cloud yesterday, no migraine in the night, a little knackered but still feeling sunny on a very grey day. Thank you so much." Female client, 50. Used with permission.

 · July 24 · 
Hi Jack, sorry for the late reply! Ah it was without a hifon (wrong spelling ?) so I have drunk a few times since the session and the initial times I chose to have just three drinks but I have had a couple of nights where I’ve exceeded it, I would however say that the session was a success because something in me has changed and I haven’t done anything out of character or felt depressed and down after; but instead completely in control and powerful towards alcohol. I’ve felt very in control and on top form the next day... when I have some more money I’ll be back for a smoking hypnosis! All my best,
Female client, mid-twenties, one session for alcohol, text message. Used with permission.

 · November 8 at 9:03 AM · 

Hi there Jack,
No worries I thought the other day I should send you an update but never got round to it.
I’m happy to say I have been smoke free since our last session! I threw my cigarettes and lighter away as soon as I left you and haven’t looked back. Wasn’t completely easy, for a week or two I was painfully aware of the desire to smoke but somehow was able to suppress and reject that desire, apart from once when I cracked under stress then immediately felt bad.
Have to say thank you for the support - however it worked, placebo or real, it gave me the crutch and determination I needed to get through it. Feeling confident this is permanent now and I won’t go back.
Thanks again!
Client email in response to follow-up. Used with permission.


Other Reviews Before August 2016

It's been 5 weeks since giving up smoking after my session with Jack!- I cannot believe it myself!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!
April 3, 2015

Hi Jack
*”I have definitely seen an improvement in the OCD tendencies. I’m not repeatedly checking everything before I leave, I’m not going back to check I’ve locked the front door and I’m not worrying as much about switching off the hairdryer. It’s been great. Probably the best I’ve been since the problems began four years ago.
So thank you very much for your help!”
(2-hour initial session, followed by an hour’s session a month later)

Weight loss, confidence and anxiety
*”I can’t begin to thank you enough. When I first arrived to see you, I was at wit’s end and desperate for change. Even so I was extremely doubtful that anyone could help. I was anxious but in the first of two sessions you relaxed me and by the end I was feeling considerably better. Since the second session my whole life has taken a turn for the better. As each day goes by, I can see how much happier I am. My confidence has returned. I’m getting my life back.”
(Follow-up, three months later: The patient had lost two stone [12kilos] in weight and returned to his previous healthy lifestyle.)

Weight loss, eating disorder, anxiety
*”Hi Jack! Thank you very much for yesterdays session. It’s a bit weird, but I had not feel so calm and great for a long time. I will see how it goes and write to you in a couple of weeks if I would have any further problems.”
(After one session)

Self-confidence, social anxiety, social phobia
*”Hey Jack. Yes, I have been feeling pretty upbeat since our session. I went out on the following Saturday, and I cant say I was feeling like mr. invincible, but i felt ok, and spoke to 2 different people, which I was very happy about.  I would like to have another session sometime soon to reinforce a feeling of self confidence and a greater ease in social situations.”

*”Hi Jack, Thanks for your mail. Since the session I’ve been feeling excellent. I feel very well, happy and cheerful. You’ve done very well.”

Panic attacks
*”Dear Jack Like promised sending you an email, so far so good on my side. Feeling fine, did not have an attack since my visit last week, which i hope is a gd sign. Felt bit funny day after, […] and  was bit tense, don’t know if that was meant to be or not, but it dissapeared, so just want to say thankyou again, and if i ll feel not myself again i ll definitely be in contact again.”

(Panic attacks, after 1 session)

*”i just want to let u know i feel great and my energy level has increased. I’m full of beans”

(Text message, 1 session)

Public speaking, presentation skills, self-confidence
*”Hi Jack. Firstly I would like to thank you for your help its been brilliant.
 I went to my meeting on Tuesday night and spoke better and more confidently than I ever have. To the point that I would stop and look around the audience, gathering my thoughts, which as you can imagine this had never happened before. I enjoyed the session and look forward to the next meeting, so I believe just that alone will make a big difference to my life…..
As for my presentation, I was nowhere near as nervous as previous presentations, and felt my voice did not falter. I did unfortunately speak too quickly in the beginning which resulted in me tripping up over my words. The thing about the presentation is, i finished very strongly, and stood up there and took questions etc. Though the beginning was bad, I felt better about this presentation, considering the size of the audience and the topic than any others I had done. I even felt comfortable staying around and talking afterwards, as opposed to hiding. There is room for improvement, but the foundations are there, and this is the scary part, I want to present again. I want to go on Tuesday so I can practise, I have a desire to present….That’s absolutely mad.
ANYWAY THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE need to make another appointment, because the results are magic!!!!

(Unsolicited email)

*”I cannot thank Jack enough for the success of the hypnotherapy session that I had with him. I came to him to get rid of a longstanding, deep-rooted fear and ten minutes into the session, Jack had cured my fear. He is very good at asking lots of questions and listening, so he was able to draw out other challenges that I had also. We then used the rest of the session going through all the other stuff, so that I am now able to take control of my life with ease! I feel I am a different person now—the person I really want to be.”

Weight loss, eating disorder, cravings, depression

*”i am a 25 year old girl from germany and live in london since 2 years. about 3 weeks ago i met jack raymond through a friend and was curios about his profession and if he maybe could help me. since i was little as long as i can remember i had an eating problem. i just couldn’t stop, couldn’t resist to anything, sweets and all the heavy foods. couldn’t resist to all that cravings which followed me the whole day.
as i went to see jack the first time i explained to him what i’ve seen as a major problem for myself. in the first session he did a little of accupuncture, hypnotherapy and he used this kind of electropulsethingy, to find out which kind of treatment my body would respond to. after the first session, i had 1 week to go to see him again, i felt little changes. i wasnt feeling as cold as i used to and yes maybe i didnt have had that amount of cravings like i used to, but no i still was not happy with the results. but of course, how much can u expect from just the first time!?
and see when i talk about beeing happy, this is what i want. i know that there was still something in me, smthg. which was not right in my mind, smthg. which made me eat. i guessed that it had something to do with my childhood. so i was always fat, it never was fun going to nursery, school or even out of the house. so i thought the food i ate was my comfort, my friend, something which was always there for me.
a week later i went to see jack again. i told him about the changes and about the thought of the source of my eating problem and about the unhappiness i carried around my whole life so far. this time he went for hypnosis. in full relaxation i could listen to what he was saying and asking and i could feel what my inner self, my soul or whatever u call it, was responding. it was amazing.
as soon as we finished i felt as light, shiny and happy as i never did before and as i never could have imagined. in one hour, u won’t believe, he changed my life. soo many things in me changed, just for the positive. i’ve lost my cravings for sweets. not like before, when i desperately needed min. one chocolate bar a day, when i ate massive amounts of food everyday, sometimes non stop.
no, now i can’t even finish half of the portion of food i used to have. i eat regularly 3 times a day and if i see sweets wherever it is, i am not even interested in it. i even started doing sports, which i hated doing at all. i go fast walking with some running for an hour on my 2 off-days and even sometimes before work. i do exercising every day and it just comes out of nowhere. i enjoy it now and i just feel in mood for it.
i have to thank jack so much, for beeing able to be and feel happy about life, about things i achieved, i do and live. about me beeing able to be a better person to myself. thanks jack, thank u so much!”

*“I’ve also had treatment for a sports injury from Jack Raymond—fantastic!”

Exam phobia and presentation skills
*”Hi Jack,
just a quick message to let you know passed those viva exams i had outstanding thanks for your help & good luck for the future”

Weight loss and sugar cravings
*”Hi Jack
Well so far so good…. I have felt great. Been eating really well, not had any slip ups or eaten anything really with a lot of sugar in it. Had a look online at the sort of foods i should be eating for slow energy release, like a low GI type diet, and it seems to really make sense.
Also not had any cravings to eat lots of sugary things, watched my friend eat a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate on Sunday and didn’t even want any.
I don’t know if it is the hypnotherapy or if you have just helped me focus but I am definately glad of the change!
Thanks a lot”